Memory Trophy

Memory Trophy

My Memory Trophy is the heaviest thing 

Containing all the density of my experience 

In the night sounds

In the rareness of privacy

In the occasional escape of a daydream

Rising up…

The joy of a morning shave

A hot meal and to be free of sand once in a while

My mothers phone voice

Writing a check in the desert for contraband

Taking 7 years to get a Bachelors degree

Pulling down…

I never thought so many memories could inhabit one document

But they do

And like old friends they show up from time to time

Rising up…

So I built an obelisk rising up to support a plumb bob 

Letting its pull transfer the gravitational center onto the document’s mass

The mechanism is of weight and force against material

And when adding up 3 years + 2 weeks + 5 days 

By engraving its measure and encasing it in stainless steel

I give memory balance texture and significance 

A new artifact to be read and understood and reimagined

To be known when I’m not there

Pulling down…

Rising up…

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