jack of all trades?

I remember when the term “jack of all trades-master of none” used to be slam. Trust me it wasn’t a compliment, meaning this guy can’t get it together enough to choose one discipline and follow it all the way to mastery, or at least until you quit making mistakes. He’s just fiddling about and trying to find the next distraction. I think a lot of this stems from the anxiety of accepting and eventually living with one’s limitations. So the artist asks himself; why limit myself to only one way of working, why be pigeon holed by one thing or another? But the artist is most often intimidated by the grim prospect of a lifetime engagement to one discipline, which would be like getting married to the girl with the right father….the commitment is there, but alas, the resolve is not. And eventually the quality of the artist’s work suffers. Somehow its always interpreted as a limitation.

I would argue that artists develop their individual styles precisely because of limitations. Limitations account for the uniqueness of the work out there. Its called squaring the circle my friend. After all, how completely banal would things be if we all were an ace at everything; if everything came so easily? Terrifying isn’t it….And lets face it, every gigging artist likes a good problem. The money is in those calculated series of original decisions, that’s what separates them. One side the hard ass and one side the gentleman. The problem just hangs like a microphone in front of a speaker cabinet, picking up the resonant frequencies. Which freq. are you? Bass, middle or treble…..Pick one, follow it down/about, and see where it goes. 

To me the highest compliment is when it feels so right like a drumbeat in my core; an invitation of a lifetime…or like salt water over cool rocks in the F. Keys. 

I can see it in my work. Plain as day. Its there and theres no sugar coating or asking it to leave…..I recognized the knock. I’m here mother fucker! HA! Im stuck….this is gonna haunt me until I get it down in good form. So we tangle a bit, but usually reach a stale mate on the quality of the execution. How close can I get to the light of inspiration….the old guard would have liked that, they loved a good fight.

More later…..

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